Lady Stuff is Cool

Don’t you love discovering really cool, new things?

I do!

While I was surfing the web last night, stalking different midwives in the area (because, you know, it’s not like I’m obsessed with having another baby or anything), I made a really super neat discovery – in Bridgton, Maine. I already knew about the Birthwise midwives and midwifery school, but I had not realized they had opened a clinic that offers a variety of free (FREE!!!) services, including family planning and fertility awareness education.

As it happens, I’ve just purchase the Holy Bible of fertility awareness, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, and when I read that these two services were offered (again, for FREE) at the clinic, and may have started screaming like a half-crazed, middle-aged lady at Oprah’s Favorite Things taping.

I want to do this so bad.

So, I e-mailed them tonight (because I’m a chicken and can’t make phone calls, plus it was evening and was sure no one would answer, and I hate leaving messages almost as much as I hate making phone calls). I e-mailed to see if I could schedule an appointment, because I’ve gone completely insane and just want to talk to someone professional about making babies so I can feel like we’ll be able to do just that sometimes soon.

I know I’m completely off my rocker and am probably over-sharing (I can see my mom breaking into a cold sweat right over this, saying, “Oh, God, Kirsten, don’t be that person!!!”). But, I can’t help it.

Plus, informing the few who read this blog of this discovery serves another purpose: now other people know about it, too. The free services provided are more than just baby stuff, but also basic lady health stuff. In a time where many programs are under threat that support women in taking ownership over their health, it’s important to know about what different programs are out there and to support them in some way, even if it’s just spreading the word.

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