Dirty Jobs

We’ve all got chores that we hate (dishes, ugh), and maybe we’ve even got some that we like (laundry – or at least folding it; I’m less good at putting it away). And then there are the chores that just skeeve you out.

Like the toilet.

In the past, I’d wear a pair of yellow dishwashing gloves every time I cleaned the bathroom then throw them in the wash afterward. While the dishwashing gloves were probably getting clean, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that they’d repeatedly been in my toilet. Yuck. Even my love for non-disposable items couldn’t keep me from feeling gross every time I donned those gloves.

So, when given the chance to use disposable gloves from , I jumped.

Now, this is going to sound really silly, but I’ve actually worn a lot of disposable gloves in my time (due to work) and this particular brand/type is what I prefer. They’re lighter weight (though still leak-proof, which is nice when you’re cleaning your yucky toilet), fit nicely, are powder and latex free, and don’t get my hands all sweaty and gross (which thicker, more opaque gloves do, and trust me, it’s not fun). What’s more, a box comes with a hundred at only $9.20 (here’s a ). That’s fifty toilet scrubs – so for me, that covers about a year.

I’ve also taken a couple of pairs out and stored them with our family’s first aid kit. While blood doesn’t make my stomach turn quite as much as the contents of a toilet (recently used or not), for safety precautions, it’s good to wear gloves, especially if it’s not a family member you’re working on, but your kiddo’s playmate or a friend who’s come to visit (who’s head inadvertently meets with a bocci ball – true story).

If you’re sick of reusing the same dish/cleaning gloves over and over OR you’re purchasing more expensive pairs of disposable gloves in the cleaning aisle of the grocery store or Wal-Mart, reconsider. Magid’s EconoWear nitrile gloves do the job just as well and comfortably, but with a bigger supply and therefore better price.

Disclosure: This is a review of the product EconoWear by Magid Disposable Nitrile Gloves. I was provided with a free sample. All opinions are my own.

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