What You Do When You’ve Got A Fever

I’ve gots the fever.

Baby fever.

And what’s a girl to do when she feels so emotionally ready for another little one, but all the pieces haven’t quite fallen into place? Why, she dreams about all the little baby things she wants to have when baby number two makes his (or her) appearance.

Now that we’re a few (almost FOUR) years into this whole kid shindig, I think I’ve been able to give myself some perspective on what crucial “stuff” I want for our next baby that we might not already have (or were decimated in the multiple moves we had to endure or from over use).

Here are the top ten things that I think we need and really, really want.

1.) An electric breast pump. Word to the wise, if you anticipate having to pump more than just rarely, get an electric breast pump. It will save you hours of stress and probably some discomfort. We weren’t really able to afford an electric pump with E. and I felt like they were too pricey to put on a registry for someone else to purchase, so we went without. I will not do that this time, especially since I’m sure I will have to pump a lot as I plan on going back to work after I have our second (assuming the world doesn’t end this year, or something, being 2012 and all).

2.) The Joovy Scooter. I have a Joovy jogging stroller and I love it. While I don’t really jog per say (though I’m trying), it’s a dream to push on almost any terrain (including along the water at the beach), folds compactly into my little Ford Taurus, and just sort of looks cool! Now I want the Scooter to be our new stroller to replace the old Graco (which lost a wheel about two years ago), because the jogger isn’t really the place for infants, PLUS, it is a wee bit bulkier than a regular stroller. AND the Scooter allows you to place an Graco infant car seat inside of it (I probably didn’t describe that well, but hopeful the above picture gives you an idea), which leads me to number three…

3.) The Graco SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat (preferably in Zurich). We had a Graco car seat, which I loved, but mysteriously disappeared after we transitioned E. into her “big girl” convertible car seat on her first birthday. I loved the Graco car seat and am all over getting another, even if the old one is found. Because, let’s face it, I like pretty things and I like the Zurich pattern way more than the pattern of our old car seat (though that wasn’t bad, either).

<a href="http://mydomesticlifemaine.files.wordpress.com

4.) Cloth diapers. There are so many reasons why I want to cloth diaper. The eco-friendly factor. The cheapness factor (after you get over the initial expense). And, okay, let's face it, since I'm a cute-things dork, the CUTENESS factor. I had wanted to cloth diaper with E., but since we were a) completely broke (versus only kind of broke now), and b) didn't have constant access to a washer and dryer, it just wasn't really in the cards. The next time around we will certainly be cloth diapering, hopefully with full success.

5.) A GOOD breastfeeding book. You change as you grow as a parent and adult. Or, at least I hope people do and I’m not the only one. Because, I’ve changed a lot. Prior to having E., I researched nothing. In my defense, coming from an age of technology, where I researched everything online in high school and college, I’m not entirely sure if I fully remembered how to look things up in a book, and while I was pregnant I didn’t have reliable access to the interwebz. So, I knew very little about what was going on with my body, with my baby, and what would happen afterwards, at least beyond what a couple of pregnancy books told me (which, trust me, was a enough at times…can we say paranoia?). I knew very, very little about breastfeeding. I had a couple of pamphlets and there was a chapter or two in my pregnancy books, but nothing in-depth. Plus, I received limited help at the hospital. I was also burdened with a “know-it-all” attitude that prevented me from really pursuing help. It made breastfeeding HARD and unnecessarily stressful and not at all the experience I wanted. I feel with the extra help of a book specifically on breastfeeding and being able to show that I don’t know everything and ask for more help will make a difference.

These are the top five items I really, really want/think I need the next time around. In short, some other stuff I think will make it’s way into my home are:
6.) Trays made for freezing homemade baby food, plus a new blender…maybe (having made baby food before, I really do think these are necessary).
7.) A bouncer.
8.) A co-sleeper (rather than a bassinet, which we had and never used)
9.) Nursing bras and/or shirts.
10.) One of those band thingies that helps your belly go back to normalish.

So, are any of my items completely useless? Or do you have a better idea? What items do you totally wish you had the first go around?

3 thoughts on “What You Do When You’ve Got A Fever

  1. I think you’ve got a great list…had a couple of thoughts:

    1. Electric breastpump is a lifesaver. I have never had to use a manual one but I can only imagine how long it takes (or to hand express? Seriously, what did women do before electric pumps?) I have a Medela Pump In Style that is awesome, and I’ve used it through two babies now. Although I’m not using it as much with this time around since I’m not working. Check with your health insurance company – a lot of them cover a portion of a breast pump cost. Ours did…my insurance covered 80% of the cost of the pump, so I just had to pay the 20%, which saved us a ton of money. It’s one of those things they don’t tell you unless you ask!

    2. Cloth diapers…it’s an investment up front, but worth it. I HIGHLY recommend the Kawaii pocket diapers. They are basically just like the Bum Genius and other more expensive diapers, but a fraction of the cost. I bought my newborn ones for $6.75 a piece, and my larger sized ones for $8 a piece. They all come with two microfiber inserts (you can use two if your kiddo is a heavy wetter or for nighttime but so far we’ve only had to use one each diaper.) They are so easy to put on and wash and did I mention cheap? We’ve had no leaks with them in the past 3 weeks we’ve been using them (but we have had leaks with the disposables we’ve used..go figure!)

    3. Trays for baby food – I have the ones that you got me that have the lid on them and are basically ice cube trays. They were and are awesome. However, recently I discovered some other ones that are also awesome and I got for my shower this time around. They are larger (for when the kid is older and eating more) and can also be used for toddler snacks as well. It’s the OXO TOT freezer blocks:

    I plan on using both for Gaby and Santi…and the ice cube trays too!

    4. A bouncer is a must – helps me shower everyday! And I can bring it from the bedroom to the living room much easier than a swing. And Gaby LOVES it.

    5. I have friends who used a co-sleeper and loved it. And others who didn’t. Every baby is different. We’re borrowing a Fisher Price Rock and Play from a friend right now and Gaby isn’t super excited about it, but will sleep in it occasionally and usually for only one round a night.

    6. Nursing bras are essential, but nursing shirts aren’t in my opinion. I wear regular shirts and most have enough of an opening or I can pull them up that it doesn’t matter and I can nurse with them on. Pulling your bra down if it’s a non-nursing one is a pain though. Stalk places like Target and online for clearance ones…I picked up the 5 that I have for about $6 each at Target when I was pregnant with Santi. Also, look at Target and Old Navy for nursing tanks. Theirs are the best and you can always find them on clearance at times throughout the year.

    7. Belly band for after the baby – I bought a medical grade binder (not the Bella Band that the celebrities endorse) for about $15 off of Amazon this time around. My hospital gave me one with Santi but it was a one size fits all one and I’m too short waisted to use those ones so I never wore it because it was super uncomfortable. So my abs, in particular the upper ones, stuck out farther and I had issues with diastasis recti in my abs. This time, I had them put it on literally on the operating table after they’d closed me up. It was painful, but the one I had was shorter, and worked great. I wore it almost every day (took it off at night) for a month after I had Gaby. It has probably been the reason I’m now 5 weeks post partum and back in my pre-pregnancy jeans. And I didn’t pay $60 for the celebrity endorsed one. It’s not super pretty but it did the job!

    I also have some tanks I got from Target that I wear under most everything since I layer like crazy out here. They are made to suck your stomach in so they have extra Lycra in the mid section area (and I think these helped suck my stomach back into shape too.) They are called Suddenly Skinny and literally take at least an inch off of your waist….

    I bought one in black and one in white and use them all the time!

    I can’t wait until you are pregnant with #2! :)

    • This was probably the most helpful comment…ever. Thanks for all the info, Kate! And I can’t wait for #2, too! Hopefully by September, at the latest, we will have some good news to share.

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