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The Bible addresses all aspects of life. According to Leviticus 14:37 - 14:38 if the priest finds mold on the walls that are "greenish or reddish" it must be removed after seven days, and if the mold persists, the home must be torn down because the house is unclean. Or you could just do a black mold test and get it removed.

Detecting mold in your house

The Bible provides no evidence of a health hazard. The Biblical lesson was more about the uncleanliness of the soul rather than to any harm to the environment.

The danger of black mold has been and still is being debated, even after a black mold test is positive. However, there is is no dispute, putting aside any issue about danger, that the mold should be removed.

But its removal may have nothing to do with health but everything to do with hysteria or plainly speaking, people are only afraid and want the mold removed.

However, a considerable amount of mold may have a musty order. That in itself would require its removal.

Moldman is the name of a national company whose specialty is to eliminate mold. From Moldman's point of view, the media is creating a controversy about the toxic aspects of black mold.

Testing for black mold in house

Black mold does not always contain mycotoxins which are in a group of molds that are known as Stachybotrys. A mycotoxin is a fungus that is considered poisonous. Further, the color of the mold is not always associated with mycotoxins.

According to Dr. Gots, of the International Center for Toxicology and Medicine, there are three reasons why mold should be removed, aesthetic as related to one's values, structural as related to the safety of the infected building, or health.

Dr. Gots would agree with Moldman in recounting the degree of hysteria that the media has promoted the health hazards of black mold.

He calls the media "Mold Promoters." who deal in "mold phobias" and have a political or economic purpose. They base their points of view on speculation and "wishful thinking."

Dr. Gots' point of view is based upon established scientific research and medical facts. While Dr. Gots bases his reasoning on the National Allergy Bureau™ (NAB™) which is a section of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

The NAB measures the pollen and spores levels across the United States. A spore forms part of the life cycle found in fungi. The black mold test is used to calculate the number of spores in the air.

According to Dr. Gots, fungi rarely cause infections and certainly not related to any nerve disorders. Indoor exposure to molds has not proven the existence of any brain disease, which would be expected if the black mold was the source of mycotoxins.

Finally, if there is a danger with fungi, it is outdoors, maybe at summer camp or if one works with materials that have a high exposure to mold.

The major health effects of mold, even if the color is black, is the allergic response and an increased in asthma attacks. Scientific research is ongoing as to the effects of mycotoxins as related to any mold.

Can you test for mold in your house

The military has taken an interest in the toxic black mold as a biological weapon of war. It has been reported that during the first Gulf War mycotoxins were used as a biological weapon against American soldiers.